Pallet Stretch Bands

Pallet Stretch Bands

Pallet Stretch Bands

Pallet stretch bands have many names. They are also known as pallet straps, pallet bands or pallet elastic stretch Pallet Stretchband Rollbands. They are often used to secure the upper layers of goods once loaded on the pallet and ready to move. Pallets not yet ready for trucking or shipping and pallets that will only be moved or stored within the factory or warehouse need to be secured for safe and reliable movements. Our Stretchband can provide a time and cost effective solution to this requirement. Unlike String or Packing Tape, Stretch Bands can be applied with out damaging or marking your cartons. Unlike StretchFilm – Pallet Stretchbands can be applied within a few seconds by one person and can always be applied where the pallet is loaded.

Common Applications

Top layers of Cartons on Pallets

Plastic Crates on Pallets

Stabilizing Plastic Drums

Stabilizing Reels of Material

Pre Applying Corner Board prior to Stretch Wrapping

As a Packing Supply for Truck Rental and Furniture Vans

Anywhere where pallets of goods are vertically stacked